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Hatch Labs needs your help! Mutated germs have infested the lab and are trying to escape! It is up to you to stop the outbreak before it gets out of hand in this fast paced action sorting adventure! Do you have what it takes to stabilize the Outbreak Chamber?


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The facility is experiencing some technical difficulties.

A flood of germs is overwhelming the facility. The only thing standing between us and complete devastation are the outbreak chambers.


Do Your research!

We need people with your talent to surgically capture the rogue germs and collect their chroma cubes for further study. Only then can we develop new tools to help contain the threat.

Unlock some Antibuddies!

Antibuddies can be researched and deployed to help us stabilize the most critical parts of the facility. Each Antibuddy has a unique ability that can be upgraded to be more effective at capturing germs. You’re going to need all of the help you can get and Antibuddies are a great place to start.


Build some Gadgets!

We also have a few gadgets in mind that might help with capturing the germs. But we’re going to need more experience to know how to build them. As you progress through the facility, you are sure to find new items.

Your Mission : Stop the Outbreak!

It is up to our brightest and best scientists to contain this threat. Are you up to the challenge?

Can you stabilize the Outbreak Chamber?


About the Team

Just one guy


Hank Kellstrom

Project Ape

Last year I thought it would be a good idea to leave my job in the game industry and start making my own games.  Outbreak Chamber is my first venture into the indie gaming world. If you want to support me, and I sure hope you do, please spread the word and follow me on social media.